Make Our Oceans Blue Again. 

Behind our ambition to protect the oceans lies a greater dream: transforming activity sectors - economically and socially - in the most sustainable way possible.

Let's put some common sense back into our companies and take concrete action on a daily basis. 


From the Oceans with Love

At first, Racing For The Oceans was a solo sailing race project to raise awareness about the urgency to protect it from plastic waste.

It became a company when Best Western decided to join the sailing project and, to stay coherent, to make an effort to reduce waste within their hotels in Paris. Soon, Marine & Ben (Founders) realized the Hospitality sector needed to innovate, especially regarding local procurement and mastering data for daily use.

In 2023, Racing For The Oceans achieves a massive pivot regarding its business model. It becomes the all-in-one sustainable procurement tool for operational application, for all hospitality businesses, globally.

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