Racing For The Oceans, a comitted tribe for all our customers. 

Let's work together!


The Racing For The Oceans platform brings together suppliers (manufacturers, retailers, craftsmen, industrialists) and buyers (companies). The aim is to help all B2B players move towards a sustainable transition, combining optimum monitoring of data (financial, economic, ecological, social and solidarity-based) over the long term.

We don't pretend to sell a miracle solution that will enable the whole world to become zero waste and zero impact. However, we are committed to working towards an all-in-one business software solution that will enable you to better manage your impact on a daily basis and make sensible, measured choices, for the benefit of all our partners and our planet.


Our aim is to become the world's number 1 SaaS software to support businesses in their sustainable transformation. Rather like a B2B Amazon for sustainable products, with innovation and all the associated services, our ambition is to combine good business sense with social and environmental issues. 

Today, most companies still have no idea how to manage CSR regulations, GHG assessments, ESG reports and so on. Today, it's complicated to collect impact data in the right format without spending hours on it.

Operational teams need to focus on improving day-to-day business practices, and we provide them with a turnkey tool to manage everything in just a few clicks: purchasing, budget monitoring by team and by location, choice of suppliers and partners based on the commitments made by each, extraction of financial data and impact in the right regulatory format, and so on. 

Our platform: a local solution on a global scale.


​There is still a long way to go and it is far from perfect. We know full well that there is no miracle solution.

However, we are trying to do better, to optimise short circuits, and to put manufacturers and local buyers in touch with each other.

There are services and materials for which this mission will be virtually impossible locally. However, our teams will always work to improve your CSR performance and choose committed partners in line with your values and ambitions. The aim is to achieve a sustainable transformation (financially, ecologically and socially).

Core values & Committment

Passion for our customers

We are at the service of our customers (buyers and suppliers) who support us every day. Their issues are at the heart of our strategic decisions, and our customers are part of our team.

Act together

We are all interconnected and live in a world that needs to change. Your customers are our customers, your challenges are our challenges, and the future of our societies depends on the small actions of each and every one of us.

Sustainable innovation

Innovation must be at the service of a more sustainable world and a more respectful economy. We are developing algorithms to measure carbon footprints, search for local products and optimise purchases according to their impact.

A daily engagement

Opting for sustainable business software is one of the major challenges facing B2B today. We're convinced that businesses need to initiate change because it's they who are leading the way and inspiring new uses.

Small things count

Stop criticising! Zero waste is impossible for B2B today. Our aim is not to become perfect, but rather to provide tools so that everyone can make the transition in a calm and sustainable way.

Packaging & Manufacturing

As far as possible, we refuse to use plastic packaging and prefer items without any packaging at all. When this is not possible, particularly for reasons of hygiene, we prefer products packaged in the most sustainable way possible and encourage upcycling.

Trust is key

To succeed, we need to work together, never forgetting that the ego at Racing For The Oceans is at the service of a mission much bigger than ourselves. We work with committed people and brands, with the respect, honesty and team spirit that this requires.

What if we start together?