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RSE pour les entreprises ! 

Nous accompagnons le secteur hôtelier dans sa transformation durable, pour vous, vos équipes et vos clients. 
Arrêtez de vous prendre la tête, nous sommes là !  

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"The Best Western Opéra Liège hotel in Paris was leading a quiet existence until Racing for the Oceans, a well-known start-up in the hotel industry, accompanied the 4* hotel on a revolutionary journey: to become the first plastic-free hotel in France."

Key Features

Audit & Conseil 

Audit, ESG strategy and performances. We help you from your vision to implementation

Sourcing & Labels

​Access our catalogue of sustainable products and local partners for your businesses.

Data RSE

Tableaux de suivi des transactions, 
tendances locales et impact carbone 
(export PDFs)

Today’s pioneers.

Tomorrow’s leaders.

The power of change lies in the hands of industries — Given they have the means — and the power to shape a new consumption mindset lies in their ability to implement sustainable alternatives. 


Empowering companies for a sustainable future

Looking for sustainable and local solutions for your company? Need to implement a ESG strategy with concrete and daily actions? Are carbon footprints and ESG data gathering a headache? The Racing For The Oceans platform does it all! Simple and scalable: for everyone, SMEs and large groups

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