We have hope for our generation and the next ones to come. 

Our first mission was to help hotels to get rid of single-use plastics. Today, our ambition is taking us even further:

We audit, measure and monitor impact. We help activity sectors with their concrete and applied CSR strategy, Carbon accounting and compliance.

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Half of all plastics ever manufactured have been produced in the last 15 years*.

Our philosophy is not to focus on the plastic waste that ends up in the oceans every day. We want to help businesses and industries around the world stop producing waste.

We connect manufacturers, industrialists and the tourism industry around a common cause: saving the oceans and our planet.

*To find out more about global plastic pollution and its consequences, we invite you to read the National Geographic article here.

+25 Millions

of tons of plastic waste are produced each year by the EU


of waste in the oceans is plastic


tons of plastic in landfill by 2050

Hospitality, a key activity sector!

Become a sustainable hotel


​Many hotels are working with Racing For The Oceans to become plastic-free and sustainable.

Our mission with the Opéra Liège Hotel was to eliminate, among other things, plastic packaging and bags, as well as coffee cups and capsules. There was a lot of work on the front office side to eliminate single-use packaging.

But we have also established close partnerships with local players such as cheesemakers, butchers and market gardeners to guarantee better traceability of fresh produce. The aim was to promote the local dimension as much as possible.

Today, sustainable (and cost-effective) solutions are available for all activity sectors (including hotels, restaurants, cafés, airlines, offices, etc.). We have experienced this ourselves in the hospitality and catering sector all over the world. Moving to a sustainable economy is actually more profitable in the long term than thinking that it will cost more. The difference in price, environmental impact and growth can be seen over the long term.

Marine Pescot, Co-founder & CEO

Data on the packaging and plastic waste we have now avoided generating annually for 1 hotel with 35-rooms.

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