In the summer of 2018, Benoît Formet, skipper and Marine Pescot, Marketing Director, meet around a (few) beer(s) during a friend’s wedding.

Benoît is looking for sponsors in order to be able to cross the Atlantic in September, 2019. This is kind of a dream he’s about to achieve. He’s also working in Paris as a Business Developer for a company that provides a digital solution for hotel groups but he wants to be an entrepreneur one day. Marine is Head of Marketing for a logistics company providing a solution for online stores. She’s also looking to launch her own business.

After a month talking about their lives and personal goals, Marine got an idea to spread the word about Benoît’s sailing race. To get companies involved in the project, they need a bigger goal than “just a solo sailing race”. It needs to be a lifetime engagement, something companies could get benefits from and feel proud of being part of.



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Both from Britany, their common love for the oceans has motivated their will, whatever means it would take, to stop plastics trash ending up in the oceans. The first project is a zero single-use plastic hotel in Paris. They are now contacted by a lot of industries, banking and insurance especially, to help them to get rid of plastics as to build a whole new world and communication around it.